I Give for US

Build a culture of giving at IU Southeast

The I Give for US: Campus Community Campaign is the annual giving campaign for IU Southeast faculty and staff. It is an annual effort to involve IU Southeast employees in advancing our university. As part of the IU Southeast family, you are one of the campus's greatest advocates. The financial contributions of our colleagues support the programs, research, and students that are near and dear to their hearts.

By participating, you send a powerful message to alumni and friends that you support and value this university, not just as an employer, but as a committed contributor to our regional community. Please give to an area that is most important to you. No matter the amount, your generosity makes a difference.

What are the goals of the campaign?

Raising awareness

To raise awareness about the importance of philanthropy at IU Southeast, build community, and foster positive attitudes toward philanthropy among employees.

Increasing participation

To increase annual giving participation, year after year, to demonstrate our exemplary commitment to the university’s mission.

Your gift is vital to our success

To achieve our aspirations, we must adjust to a "new normal." Although IU Southeast is a public institution, legislative appropriations are a decreasing percentage of our total budget.

State support will never return to previous levels. Private support from alumni, friends, and you—faculty and staff—helps bridge the gap. Only through increased levels of philanthropy can the IU Southeast retain its position among the region’s top universities—and, most important, continue to serve its students.

How to give to IU Southeast

Payroll deduction

We've made giving to IU Southeast as easy as possible with automatic payroll deductions. Tell us how much you would like to donate out of each paycheck.

Set up a payroll deduction

Make a gift online

What about IU Southeast is most important to you? Choose where to direct your support and make either a one-time or recurring donation online.

Donate online

Make a gift by mail

If you'd prefer to mail in a gift to IU Southeast by check, money order, or credit card, just print, complete, and follow instructions on the mail-in gift form.

Mail in a gift

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our goal is simple: provide Indiana University with the financial support it needs to succeed.
  • Our mission: The Indiana University Foundation maximizes private support for Indiana University by fostering lifelong relationships with key stakeholders and providing advancement leadership and fundraising services for campuses and units across the University.
  • Our vision: As leaders among our peers in higher education and philanthropy, Indiana University and the Indiana University Foundation are partners in marshalling resources to provide the university with the philanthropic assets necessary to achieve its aspirations.

The Indiana University Foundation is the preferred channel for private gifts to all areas of IU Southeast. The foundation exists solely to provide support for Indiana University and the regional campuses. Gifts made through the foundation are designated by the donor to support students, faculty, staff, facilities, and programs at the IU Southeast.

IU Southeast has no stakeholders more important than the dedicated people who work here, and no one understands more deeply the value of the work being done on this campus. While giving back is by no means a requirement, it is your opportunity to invest in the university in the same way that external donors—our devoted alumni and friends—give back to show their appreciation for the difference that the IU Southeast has made in their lives. By giving of yourselves every day through your work, you help make IU Southeast a remarkable institution. But many faculty and staff want to do more, and giving back through payroll deduction is the easiest way to go above and beyond.

  • Many IU Southeast faculty and staff are already being asked to give on an annual basis through the IU Foundation. Certain IU Southeast employees will be asked to give specifically because they are faculty and staff of the university.
  • Gifts made between January 1, 2022 and December 30, 2022 will count toward participation rates for the Campus Community Campaign. Each year, the campaign will ask faculty and staff to make a gift to the school, department, program, or scholarship YOU find most meaningful.

Thank you! Every gift you give to the university is greatly appreciated and makes a difference. We hope you will continue to give annually to provide support for the IU Southeast causes that you believe in.

Yes! Where you give is entirely up to you, and you can give to any IU Southeast area(s) or program(s) you are passionate about. It is also perfectly permissible for IU Southeast faculty and staff to direct their contribution to the school or department where they work, or support a fund that directly empowers the work they and their colleagues do.

You may give to a fund in your area, or to a fund that is completely unrelated to the work you do for the university. There are many established funds accepting gifts on behalf of IU Southeast schools, organizations, and programs. Please make a contribution to an area that matters to you, in an amount that feels right for you.

The Indiana University Foundation recognizes that when you give, you are entrusting us with personal, private information. We respect this act of trust, and strive to maintain confidentiality of giving records. Some information may be subject to disclosure upon request pursuant to Public Records law.

  • IU Southeast is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. You will receive a receipt from the Indiana University Foundation for tax purposes.
  • Gifts to Indiana University are deductible as charitable contributions within the limits of the Internal Revenue Code. Indiana taxpayers are eligible for a 50 percent tax credit for gifts up to $400 on joint returns, or $200 on individual returns.
  • The Indiana University Foundation is the designated fundraising agency for IU. Gifts received that are not designated for a specific area will be credited in equal portions to the area(s) indicated on the reply/gift card. A small portion of funds and/or income therefrom may be used to defray direct costs of raising funds. IUF is registered to solicit charitable contributions in all states requiring registration. Refer to our full disclosure statement.

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